Reports for 2019

I took a bunch of photos during the Rally, you can check them out here –

These reports are from the Sturgis Police Department. When you click to enlarge them, towards the bottom right of your screen you can click again to make them full size, and a little easier to read.

Last Year Report 2018

It is quiet out here in Spearfish, most of the Sturgis Rally motorcycle’s have headed back home. I stayed out of trouble mostly. I can honestly say I am not one of the statistics listed below. I admit, driving around town and not seeing a motorcycle at every turn has me feeling a little sad. See you next year.

Law enforcement agencies are stressing common sense and situational awareness for drivers in an effort to keep injuries and fatalities to a minimum. In recent years, the most deadly rally was the 75th anniversary event in 2015, which drew a record 739,000 bikers and had 14 fatalities. In 2016, the South Dakota Highway Patrol reported a record-low three deaths. In 2017, the SDHP reported eight fatal crashes.

As of Friday, Aug. 10:

DUI Arrests: 84
Misd. Drug Arrests: 84
Felony Drug Arrests: 36
Total Citations: 384
Total Warnings: 1,715
Cash Seized: $1,684
Vehicles Seized for Drug Possession: 6
Non-Injury Accidents: 17
Injury Accidents: 27
Fatal Accidents: 4
# of Fatalities: 4

DUI Arrests: 33
Misd. Drug Arrests: 54
Felony Drug Arrests: 20
Total Citations: 375
Total Warnings: 1,215
Cash Seized: $1,055
Vehicles Seized for Drug Possession: 0
Non-Injury Accidents: 27
Injury Accidents: 19
Fatal Accidents: 0
# of Fatalities: 0

DUI Arrests: 117 vs. 130
Misd Drug Arrests: 138 vs. 131
Felony Drug Arrests: 56 vs. 38
Total Citations: 759 vs. 833
Total Warnings: 2,930 vs. 2,936
Cash Seized: $2,739 vs. $1,108
Vehicles Seized for Drug Possession: 6 vs.8
Non-Injury Accidents: 44 vs. 40
Injury Accidents: 46 vs. 59
Fatal Accidents: 4 vs. 6
# of Fatalities: 4 vs. 6

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